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When buying racquets in ANY tennis shop you may think you are buying identical racquets but you are not.  Manufacturers of racquets cannot make racquets with identical specifications and even though they look the same the are most probably slightly different in static weight, swing weight and balance point.  Racquet manufacturers today have an accceptable tolerance of + or - 7 grams in weight as well as = or - 7 mm in balance point that can dramatically effect the feel of your racquets.


If you have multiple frames you want them all to be identical.  


At Break Point Stringing we use the latest Alpha Accuswing II along with highly accurate scales and an Alpha balance board to determine the "specifications" of each of your racquets.  Once we have determined your "favourite" specs we can build your other frames to be the same weight, have the same balance point and have the same swing weight.


Furthermore we can spend time with you on court customising your current racquet.  Doing this process allows you to truly "dial in" your favourite racquet by adding a bit more power, control or stability.  We can also add silicon to the handle for enhanced feel, fit leather grips or re mould your grip so the racquet sits better in your hand.


Now if you break a string deep in the 5th set you can guarantee you will not have to get used to a different feeling racquet. Advantage you!!!!!!







Alpha Accuswing II acccurately measures swing weight

Balance board to find racquets balance point

Scales used to measure racquet weight down to 0.01 of a gram

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