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Racquet Stringing


When you have your racquet strung by Break Point Stringing your are guaranting yourself that you will get a quality restring. Consistency is the key when it comes to a quality restring and we guarantee your racquet will always be strung by a qualified Master Racquet Technician so you can always rely on the result.  We use state of the art databasing software to record all your stringing.


Proper racquet stringing is the crucial part of our service.  To often people spend hundreds of dollars on the frame without giving much consideration to the strings.  If you don't already know what works for you in terms of string speak to Noel, our qualified Master Racquet Technician, and he will find the right "set up" that will optimise your enjoyment of the game.


At Break Point Stringing we use a Topserve Tennis 700 machine to string your racquet.  This machine was developed by one of the leading racquet technicians in the world and was the official machine of the Australian Open and the Miami Nasdaq. This machine guarantees absolute precision and consistency for your restrings and your frame is perfectly protected from any undue stresses during the stringing process.


We carry all strings from Tecnifibre, Babolat, Luxilon, HEAD, Wilson, Ashaway, Prince and Solinco to name a few.


Pricing for our restrings start at $30 and goes up from there depending on the quality and material of string that you choose.  If you provide your own string labour is $25.  Please contact us so we can offer you a quote, we guarantee our prices are competitive and that your restring will be second to none.  Please either call us on 0490 115 758 or email us on

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